Soul Drums is a full service retail & learning percussion resource centre.

Established in 1996 and located on Toronto's busiest street (Yonge St.) in North York, Soul Drums provides a large and unique selection of drums and world percussion. We take pride in our diverse instruction programs, workshops and Saturday clinics hosted by an eclectic array of percussion artists. Soul Drums teachers are the best around in drumset and hand percussion techniques. Ask us about our bi-annual retreat weekends, major artist clinics, student recitals and Summer Camp.

We offer a huge selection of percussion items. Our store is designed to lead the customer through a collection of instruments from around the world, primarily by area. As you circle through the store, you will see instruments from Latin America, Africa, the Mid East, North America and more, as well as sections for books and videos and the drumsets displayed on our islands in the middle of the store.

Shop online or drop into Soul Drums... nothing beats a consultation with our expert staff!!!


About Us

When you truly love what you do and who you are, your actions attract others.

Here at Soul Drums Ltd. our team is a collection of individuals who do just that. We are a team of teachers, leaders, students, players and trend setters, who love to serve others and have dedicated our lives to inspiring human rhythmic energy in others. We have committed our lives to rhythm, so you, our customer can learn to enhance your lifestyle with the power of your soul!


Soul Team

In sharing our collective knowledge as the "soul team", we know that our core values are what make us unique and the right choice for you.

Our core values spell out the words soul team:

S = Spirit
O = Oneness
U = Unity
L = Leadership

Our team represents this shared vision as:

T = Together
E = Everyone
A = Achieves
M = More

"Together everyone achieves more!"

Core values are what can make or break a trusting and supportive relationship. as you come and experience our musical and personal values, we hope to inspire you to new musical heights and achieve them as well.


We can’t tell you how much pleasure it gives us to be able to work together in serving and improving our community, our country and the earth, our home we all share. to inspire others is always paramount, but the real strength happens when people belong to a shared mission and vision that enables each one of us to grow even more as people.

Our "customer care" program is what this is all about. To actually "care" for our customers!

So, whether you are a drumming student, hobbyist, activist, facilitator, professional, a corporation, teacher or a healer, you will come to see that our commitment in this mission will benefit you and your lifestyle and your own ability to influence others.

Our mission is clearly stated in our statements

"Why" we are here for you. How we chose to "be" for you and what we are going to "do" for you.

Why we are here?

"To be a constant inspirational source of professional service in all areas of drums and percussion."

How are we going to be for you?

"To compassionately guide others with leading edge concepts, as a trusting and committed partner in everyone’s pursuit of rhythmic excellence."

What we are going to do while we are here for you?

"To enhance lifestyle and foster positive relationships for all drummers."