Drumset & Hand Percussion Programs

Soul Drums: Over 10 years serving the drum and percussion community!!

These are very exciting times to be part of the activities at Soul Drums!

Since 1995 our goal has been to provide an exciting and modern program of education in drumset and hand percussion.

By participating in any one of our programs, retreats, recitals, private or group classes, you are actively supporting drums and drumming our community.

Many special guests have contributed to our cause and have engraved their names on our “Pole of Fame”.  Some of these artists include Terry Clarke, John Riley, Babatunde Olatunji, Giovanni Hidalgo, Thoman Lang, Jeremy Taggart and Santanas’ Percussionists, Raul Rekow and Karl Perazzo.

Not only do their names remain but their spirit and integrity continue to resonate with us.

Whether you are a teacher or a student, the cycle of rhythm feeds the soul and leads us all into the future together.


Group Lessons

Call for more information and pricing.

If you have the desire to participate, but wish to do so in a group situation, we can accommodate your request. Group size ranges from as small at 2 to as large as 300 in our community/ corporate events. Call for more information and pricing.

See our Photo Gallery for great pictures from past events.


School Concert Performance

Elementary and Secondary School Interactive Concert Performance: The History of Rhythm

These exciting multicultural experiences are offered to schools that wish to involve a large group of students. Theses programs are extremely flexible and can offer a multitude of messages through the presentation format. A large collection of instruments from around the world are played. Uses and origins are also discusses in a question and answer demonstration.

A hands-on session that becomes an improvised performance piece is always the highlight these events!



Available for any number of students

These intimate workshops are available for classes up to 400 students.

They include a performance demonstration and an extensive “hand on” session, and all instruments are provided.

Attention Teachers - Drum Circles Produce Human Rhythmic Energy. Click here for more information!

The program can be adapted for any age group focusing on combining the power of self-confidence with the joy of music making in a group setting.

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Outreach Programs

Internationally recognized

The Soul Drums Outreach programs have effectively grown to be internationally recognized. The range of satisfied clients include hospitals, universities, public and secondary schools, corporate business, therapists, and public “health and wellness” conferences.