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Johnny C. Series Snare Drum

A new take on an old favorite, 2015 brings fresh style and a lower price point to our signature workhorse one- ply solid Maple snare drum, the Johnny C. snare drum.
Formerly called the Diamond Cast, Johnny C. Series snare drums pay hom- age to master drum builder, Johnny Craviotto. Its Johnny’s unrivaled sig- nature one-ply, solid Maple shell that has become the “go-to” instrument for drummers and studio engineers alike.
Johnny C. snare drums feature the same one-ply, solid Maple shell found on our Custom Shop drums. We streamlined our
lug design for a graceful, elegant silhou- ette. This sleek design minimizes the amount of metal contacting the shell allowing for enhanced resonance.
Why compromise on quality, integ- rity, craftsmanship, and performance? Johnny C. Series snare drums offer unparalleled warmth, range, and versa- tility at a price point aimed at providing working drummers with a world class, handmade instrument.
Johnny C. Series snare drums are avail- able in 5.5 x 14” and 6.5 x 14” with 45° degree bearing edges.
Play a Johnny C. snare drum today, and hear why the “Johnny C.” will quickly become your go-to drum.


Super Swing Snare Drums

If there ever was a drum that could capture the sound of an era, it’s the Super Swing snare drum from Craviotto.
Our 7×14 one-ply, solid Maple Super Swing takes you back to a time when swing was king.
The days of scouring the globe for that killer looking, easy playing, and fully functional vintage drum are over. The Super Swing embodies the fatness, warmth, and “mojo” drummers have been begging for in a modern drum. Plus, our Super Swing is outfitted with all the modern accoutrements that make achieving that prized vintage sound effortless.
The secret is Craviotto’s solid ply shell. Tuned high or low, the Super Swing takes you where you want to go. Big Band or Be-Bop, the Super Swing captures the essence of your musical effervescence.
Furnished with our walnut stained wood hoops and walnut inlay, the Super Swing looks as classy as it sounds. Throaty, open, and warm, the wood hoops add an enhanced earthiness to the drum’s character.
So whether you swat or stir, caress or crack, the Super Swing responds with the musical soul of a drum that’s been there before, seen it all, and lived to tell about it.


Solitaire Series Snare Drums

Meet The New Thoroughbred of Work- horses: Solitaire Series snare drums by Craviotto.
A revolutionary new metal shell offering from the one-ply, Solid Shell specialists, the Solitaire Series represents every- thing you know and love about the Crav- iotto Drum Company. Complete with revolutionary innovations, the highest quality materials, and incomparable craftsmanship, Craviotto’s Solitaire Series snare drums offer all the mag- nificence of a boutique offering without the lavish price tag.
Like all Craviotto drums, the Solitaire Series is handmade
in the USA. Each Solitaire snare drum is made of hand- rolled, premium grade US Alu- minum. Solitaire Series snare drums feature our revolution- ary diamond venting system modeled after the wood inlays found on our one-ply, solid wood Custom Shop drums.
Craviotto’s Solitaire Series shines in all facets of music and provides unparalleled cut, clarity, and precision to support your musical demands.

Solitaire Diagonal LR1

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