Soul Drums 20th Anniversary Retreat 50% Sold out! 2 Weeks Left for Early Bird Registration!



Soul Drums has provided unforgettable retreat weekends locally and internationally, with world class performers and world class attendees for over 20 years! We gather for this “Bantaba” to share our collective spirits. Bantaba is the Malinke word for “A place to gather, relax, and share”. This weekend will have special guest facilitators presenting programs that will include Drumming, African Dance, Voicestra, Performance and Nature. Hosted by Doug Sole, and featuring Sani-Abu Mohammed Allen, Barry Bazza Hayward, Altaf Bwana Moto, & Lisa Hartt.

Don’t miss this event of the year that will also feature the Soul Drummers!

An all-star cast of international performers from our 20 year history of providing programs to our corporate clients that features Altaf Bwana-Moto, Njacko Backo, Rick Shadrach Lazar, Maninho Costa & Richard Greenspoon!

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