Craviotto Classic Be-Bop Drum Set

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Craviotto Classic Be-Bop Drum Set

Craviotto Classic Be-Bop Drum Set

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8"x12" Tom, 14"x14" Floor Tom, 16"x18" Bass Drum
Shell Pack
Tom Mounts, Hardware, Cymbals and Snare Drum not included

Despite sporadic attempts, and a few isolated prototypes, no drum manufacturer has succeeded in producing solid shell drumsets for the American market-until now. This is hardly surprising. For example, the machinery necessary to steam bend, mold, lathe, turn and finish round single ply bass drum shells, that will stay true, has proven an especially daunting task, considered to be impractical, and too costly for production purposes. Premium boards large enough to be fashioned into the 22″ and 24″ bass drums now finding renewed favor are scarce, and transforming them into musical instruments is a daunting process. Johnny Craviotto thinks its worth it. When you play a Craviotto kit, whether you favor Craviotto Classic traditional jazz sizes, the Custom Shop’s thunderous Big Band sizes, or the progressive, streamlined Craviotto Custom Shop & Classic Series, we think you’ll agree: nothing else sounds like a one ply kit.

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  • Features
    Designed for the traditionalist, this series features standard sized drums with the distinctive Craviotto natural wood tone.