Sonor Prolite Stage 2 Drumset

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Sonor Prolite Stage 2 Drumset

Sonor Prolite Stage 2 Drumset

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8"x10" Tom, 9"x12" Tom, 14"x14" Floor Tom, 17.5"x22" Bass Drum
Shell Pack
Tom Arms and Snare Drum not included
Naked Bass Drum

The heritage of over 135 years of Drum making experience meets the passion, knowledge and creativity of SONOR’s international team of design engineers, professional players, distributors and retailers. Using only the finest hand-picked wood selections from eco-friendly resources, precision metal components, and a superior lacquering
process, each Drum is a piece of art. Made and assembled with care to meet advanced demands and set the bar for professional drums, ProLite combines superior tone, leading-edge design, function and precision to deliver the perfect tools for your musical inspirations. The perfect match for your gig, no matter what style you play!

SONOR ProLite Sound
The core of the ProLite series is the sound spectrum provided by the extremely thin Vintage Maple shells with reinforcement ring. These provide an unmistakably open sound and an enormously wide tuning range for practically all styles of music. SONOR’s Vintage Maple shell is characterized by a soft, warm tone that highlights the lower pitches and provides balance in the mid-range and treble, without sacrificing projection and power.

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  • Features

    Sonor Pro-Lite Shell Design

    SONOR cross-laminates shells for superior stability, sonically enhanced resonance and spectacular tone. The CLTF process is a result of years of research by SONOR craftsmen. Optimum Shell Measurement (OSM) - SONOR implements a slightly narrow outside shell measurement for optimized head contact. This is a SONOR specialty, resulting in excellent tone, better sustain and controlled decay.

    Total Acoustic Resonance Mounting System

    Vibration free mounting results in pure tone and warm sustain. Enhanced by Total Acoustic Resonance and Advanced Projection System your Drum enjoys sonic freedom and stays mechanically stable, resulting in beautiful tone and unmatched projection.

    Power Hoops

    2.3 mm SONOR Power Hoops on all snare drums, tom toms and floor toms. For 14” snare drums also die-cast hoops are available.

    Advanced Projection System

    The patented Advanced Projection System (APS) prevents direct contact between wood and metal, and supports the powerful SONOR sustain. Equipped with the APS rubber insulators are the tom mounting system, the bass drum mount, the bass drum spurs and floor tom legs.

    Bass Drum Claws

    The rubber insert beneath the bass drum claws assures that your wooden hoop will not be scratched. The recessed design of the tension rod and the raised synthetic insert of the bass drum claw protects your cases from snagging and scratching damage.

    Tune Safe Lugs

    All SONOR lugs are equipped with the patented TuneSafe, which prevents the tension rods from loosening. Tune Safe supports maximum tuning stability even under extreme environments. Square-head tension rods with fine-pitch threads guarantee optimum tunability.