DW 3000 Boom Cymbal Stand

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DW 3000 Boom Cymbal Stand

DW 3000 Boom Cymbal Stand

Price: $119.99
Product code: 5097

Don't compromise! The DW 3700 straight/boom cymbal stand is crazy affordable, but it's also totally reliable. With the 3700's double-braced legs, rubber feet, and fine tooth boom tilter with captive wing nut, that cymbal's gonna stay where you put it, take the big hits, and be ready for more. This stand also sports internal plastic tube insulators to avoid rattling during recording sessions when drum mics are placed near stands. Oh, and your wallet definitely won't be taking a big hit on this stand, so get your DW 3700 now!

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  • Features
    Fine Tooth Filter
    Fine Tooth Tilter with captive wing nut.

    Double Braced Legs
    Full-size heavy-duty 1” Double Braced Tripod Base.

    Plastic Tube Insulators
    Plastic Tube Insulators inside the heavy gauge tubing are a necessity in recording situations to avoid rattling when drum mics are placed close to stands.

    Hinged Memory Locks
    Hinged Memory Locks are included at tube joints to guarantee 100% repeatable, precise height settings every time.