P.O.P. Recreational Music Making for Wellness

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P.O.P. Recreational Music Making for Wellness

P.O.P. Recreational Music Making for Wellness

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“The Soul Drums Session was definitely a highlight of the day!”
Maureen Adamson, Asst. Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario

“Your rhythmic program was very impactful, and the halls of Baycrest still echo with your wonderful energy - thank you Doug!”
Waleena Brown, Music Therapist, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Course Benefits Include:

- focusing and listening
- community building
- healthy lifestyle behaviours
- proven medical benefits
- awareness of others
- enjoyment
- expressing feelings
- managing stress
- empathy and gratitude

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  • Event Description
    The Soul Drums P.O.P. Wellness Program integrates activities from contemporary drum circles, and recreational music making techniques with open group discussion that produce documented health and lifestyle benefits. The program serves all populations, from illness to wellness to crisis. It is extremely beneficial as a wellness and community building tool for the well elderly. It is inclusive, culturally universal, and does not bear the stigma of counselling.

    Soul Drums P.O.P. programs emphasize process and not performance. It includes a metaphorical dimension involving guided interaction. This program is available as a single event, but it is suggested a 6 week program cycle be implemented before proven benefits occur.

    P.O.P. was developed through the experiences gained in over 30 years of the combined expertise of Soul Drums Facilitation Staff presenting to a diverse client list that include Professional Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Professional Medical Institutions, The Ministry of Health, and Health Canada. Therefore, the product is professionally sound, positively peer reviewed, and sustainable. 

    Many school counsellors, teachers, social workers, therapists and corporate trainers in the province of Ontario have received the benefits from our Soul Drums P.O.P. Wellness program.  Those that have implemented the program respond that it is useful and creates an extremely healthy community environment.

    Rates subject to change based on group size, length of program, and location.