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With Human Rhythmic™ Energy Doug Sole shares his “no experience necessary”
philosophy of how to bring music alive through the drum, guaranteeing fun for all who join the circle. As he shares his passion, Doug teaches seamlessly how drum circles welcome, energize, challenge and lift the soul. With a focus on creativity and care, Doug’s unique approach play’s an integral part in community building and music education.

Leslie Stewart Rose, Arts Lecturer, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto


Doug Sole is a major force in the North American Drum Circle community. His understanding and deep
respect for the power of the drum has been inspirational to thousands of people. His wish for people to
connect – through the drum – in harmony as human beings, has directly led me to follow the same path. What a journey! I can’t WAIT to use the wisdom he offers in the training in my work.

Syd Read, Halton District School Board, Music Specialist, Drama Teacher, and Drum Circle Facilitator


Doug Sole has been a source of inspiration for so many people fascinated with the “magic of the drum” andhas been a major influence on my facilitation style. I’ve learned so much from his years of experience,
dynamic approach and incredible insights into people and rhythm. Having participated in a number of his
world drumming retreats and educational workshops, I can attest to the energetic, multi-faceted, rhythmically diverse, user-friendly, and educationally sound methodology he presents in this training, to making music individually and communally. Doug makes hand-drumming so possible – so accessible – and ENJOYABLE !! He touches the soul of the drummer in everyone!

Jack Barnes, Owner of DRUMANTICKS, London, Ontario

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