Tama Iron Cobra 200 Hi Hat Stand

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Tama Iron Cobra 200 Hi Hat Stand

Tama Iron Cobra 200 Hi Hat Stand

Price: $129.99
Product code: 5071

TAMA's HH205 Iron Cobra 200 hi-hat stand gives you traditional pull action feel, snappy response, and performance-ready stability, all at a price that's too good to pass up. Double-braced legs provide heroic stability, even when you start wailing on your hats, but they keep the HH205 nice and light, and they fold up neatly for easy transportation. A 5-way tension adjustment is also mighty handy, allowing you to get the precise feel and response you demand. And with its swivel foot, you can easily setup the TAMA HH205 Iron Cobra 200 hi-hat stand anywhere you need it.

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  • Features
    Nylon Washers
    By inserting nylon washers into the leg stand joints we have improved durability and made the leg action much smoother!

    Footboard Angle Adjuster
    Allows much easier footboard angle adjustments.

    5-Way Tension Adjustment
    Five different levels of tension can be achieved quickly by using the five easily visible settings.

    Non-Loosening Tension Rod (US. PAT.NO.6075192)
    Specially shaped plastic and metal nuts fit together perfectly to keep the cymbal rod from loosening while playing.

    Swivel Foot
    Since the foot pedal can be rotated around the tripod base, the Swivel Foot feature greatly expands floor space and set-up flexibility.

    Spare-The-Rods Tension Rod Protector
    No more tension rods getting bent out of shape during transport! With Spare-The-Rod, you can save your tension rod the rigors of the road by packing it in the specially designed upper section pipe. It's a small, but very significant TAMA hardware innovation.
    1.Insert the tension rod into the upper tube.
    2.Hold the tension rod in place with the hi-hat clutch.
    3.Done. The upper tube covers the tension rod.

    Steel Insert Nut
    Placing a threaded steel insert nut inside the tripod base provides much more strength and makes stripping much less likely than with the traditional method of cutting the threads directly into the die-cast section.
    Die-Cast Joint
    A die-cast joint combines the T-nut/bolt with a pressure plate with a Nylon Bushing. With this design, the removal and replacement of worn bolts or bushings is fast and easy.