Tama Roadpro Snare Stand

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Tama Roadpro Snare Stand

Tama Roadpro Snare Stand

Price: $99.99
Product code: 5108

Roadpro-roadproven hardware-represents years of listening to the problems and suggestions of touring pros and years of prototypes and rigorous real life road testing. TAMA's line of professional hardware provides a whole new level of "Simplicity and Durability for the Pro Drummer". You've got all the features you expect in pro stands such as 28.6 diameter bases and double-braced legs. There's also a slew of internal design features that you can't see but will come to love. Best of all, Roadpro has a price tag you might not expect in something this good: a very affordable price tag.

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  • Features
    Quick-Set Tilter (US. PAT.NO.7385127) for Snare Stand
    The toothless Quick-Set Tilter securely holds its position using the friction of six metal disc plates instead of traditional gears, so you can adjust it to any desired angle. This mechanism also has a more durable structure than a conventional gear tilter.

    Nylon Washers
    By inserting nylon washers into the leg stand joints we have improved durability and made the leg action much smoother!

    Snare Basket
    Unequally spaced basket arms eliminate contact between the arms and the snare strainer or the snare butt, whether the snare drum is 8 or 10 lug. An extra-large arm adjustment knob provides easy tightening and loosening.

    Swiveling Basket (US. PAT.NO.6384308)
    Asymmetrically spaced basket arms allow an 8 or 10 lug drum to be held without interference with its strainer, butt or lugs. Since the basket rotates independently from the stand, you can place the strainer in any position needed.

    Escape Claws (US. PAT.NO.6723907)
    TAMA's Escape Claws rubber cushions allow the snare drum to "float" on the basket arms for improved resonance. In addition, they help reduce fatigue by softening the impact of snare drum playing on your arms and wrists.