Tama Speed Cobra Hi Hat Stand (Lever Glide)

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Tama Speed Cobra Hi Hat Stand (Lever Glide)

Tama Speed Cobra Hi Hat Stand (Lever Glide)

Price: $347.99
Product code: 5050

The HH915N features the same long footboard as our Speed Cobra Bass Drum Pedal. Its core design is based on the Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand--long acclaimed as one of the best performing hi-hat stands in the world. The longer footboard offers footwork flexibility, added control and sensitivity. The HH915N also features Tama's famous Lever-Glide System which provides a smoother and lighter feel with faster action. New hi-hat stand innovations include our "Spring Seat" and "Swing Lock Clutch" system which helps deliver a more natural sound with additional resonance from the hi-hat cymbals.

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  • Features
    Swing Lock Cluch
    This allows the top hi-hat cymbal to float more freely, maximizing the natural resonance of the cymbals. * HH915N also contains our usual felt washer so you have the option to choose.

    Spring Seat
    By tilting the bottom hi-hat cymbal, you can get a crisper and clearer hi-hat sound with your foot.

    6-Way Tension Adjustment
    Six different levels of tension can be achieved quickly by using the six easily visible settings.

    Footboard Angle Adjustment
    Like Speed Cobra pedals, footboard angles on Speed Cobra hi-hats can be adjusted. You can perfectly match the angle between the hi-hat footboard and the slave-side footboard of your double pedal.

    Oiles® Bearing Hinge (US. PAT.NO.6100460)
    Offering even less friction than standard ball bearing, Oiles® bearings also eliminate side-to-side motion and provide superior durability (which is why they're used in the aerospace industry). (Oiles® bearings is a registered trademark of the Oiles Co.,Ltd.)

    Tilt System
    Not only do Tilt equipped stands offer more flexible set-ups, they also offer more expressive hi-hat work because you can tilt the hi-hat cymbal. Speed Cobra hi-hat stands can be tilted quickly and easily by loosening just one T-Bolt.

    Spare-The-Rods Tension Rod Protector
    No more tension rods getting bent out of shape during transport! With Spare-The-Rod, you can save your tension rod the rigors of the road by packing it in the specially designed upper section pipe. It's a small, but very significant TAMA hardware innovation.
    1.Insert the tension rod into the upper tube.
    2.Hold the tension rod in place with the hi-hat clutch.
    3.Done. The upper tube covers the tension rod.