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Toca Custom Deluxe Quinto 11″ Blue Sparkle

Toca Custom Deluxe Quinto 11″

Excellent condition!
Blue Sparkle finish.

Toca is committed to being green and environmentally-friendly. The wood we use is harvested from a plantation in Thailand, where our drums are then lathed and handcrafted by local musicians. This carefully managed resource is much easier on the environment than wood taken from primary forests.


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Launched in 2005, our Freestyle Djembes are one of a kind. This patented innovation is lightweight, durable and offers the same great sound as our wood Djembes, with a slightly higher tone. They are the perfect choice for drum circles, percussive gatherings and classrooms because of their durability and portability.

Best of Show at NAMM 2007, Toca Djembes are a true show-stopper. A striking, professional quality product, with a wide range of tonal abilities, at a reasonable price – they are the complete package.

Lightweight and durable seamless synthetic shell
Great bass tones and highs
Perfect for drum circles and kids of all ages
Protective rubber bottom
Available in 7″ in different colours (shown below)
Goatskin head with nylon rope tuning
Patented design


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Smooth playability lets you explore the full range of this often overlooked instrument. Ebony castanets with wood base construction and equipped with mount.


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Toca Ratchets are chrome-plated with a large wooden ratchet wheel and steel crank. Can be hand-held or mounted


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Toca’s premium quality alloy bells are mounted on a wooden handle and provide a rich, full jingle sound. The Toca Sleigh Bells have 25 Bells mounted to a wood handle.


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The Toca Slap Stick is crafted from premium hardwood, with a strong spring to produce a crisp “crack” sound when struck.


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The Toca Seed Shell Shaker features natural seed pods and offers unlimited musical sounds.


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